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August 14, 2018

Spring-Summer 2019 Sensil Trendbook Celebrate.
Smart Textiles, Wearable Technologies and the New Industrial Revolution Called the 4th industrial revolution by some, smart textile companies represent a significant opportunity for manufacturers to use advanced materials in their manufacturing. Read more… Rugs and Textiles go Vertical as Wall Art As a way of bringing warmth and texture into an interior, people are increasingly likely to use a textile or rug on the wall of their home. Read more…
3D Printed Ballet Shoes Offer Dancers Support and Protection From Injury A 3D printed a ballet shoe called P-rouette uses a lightweight lattice structure for the sole as well as the insole.The shoes offer extra support, protecting against the kinds of injuries that are common to ballet dancers. Read more… The Future Is Knit: Why the Ancient Art of Knitting Is High-Tech Again Whole garment knitting opens the door to far more futuristic applications, like jackets that warm and cool you as needed or shirts that measure your heart rate. Read more…
These Smart Socks Keep Tabs on People With Diabetes Diabetes patients are at an increased risk of amputation, so Siren's Neurofabric socks track the temperature of patients' feet and alert them about worrying temperature differences. Read more… How to Keep Your Favorite Wool Socks in Top Shape These reliable, sweat-wicking beauties are well-loved, but many people aren’t sure how to care for them to extend their life and keep them in top shape. Read more…
How to Hang a Hammock and Bring That Vacation Vibe Home If the idea of hanging out in a hammock gets you drifting off to a nice mental space, here's what you need to know about the best fabric, and where and how a hammock can be hung. Read more… America’s Oldest Woolen Mill Starts a New Chapter Deep in the hills of rural Pennsylvania, Woolrich continues to craft heirloom blankets. The the public can take a tour four Saturdays a year: in June, August, September, and October. Read more…
Vikings Knew How to Spin Yarn—But They Weren't the Only Ones Studying textiles is sometimes thought of as less exciting than studying the tools people used to hunt food/ But textiles tell a valuable story that reveals a lot about how people lived their lives. Read more… What type of Bride are you? Let’s Find your Bridal Style… Being able to explain your bridal style will be not only super useful but also a tool that will allow for you and your wedding planning team to be on the same page and avoid any confusions. Read more…
Mixing Furniture Styles Is the New Big Trend Here are a few foolproof decorating tips to help you start mixing furniture styles. Read more… 1920s-Inspired Wedding Dresses That Wow When it comes to vintage trends, there are few decades more glamorous than the 1920s, with silk and satin gowns, romantic silhouettes, and subtle embellishments, there’s no better time to try out the look than on your wedding day. Read more…
Building 101: How to Work With an Interior Designer Ensure the success of your renovation or new build with this guide to working with an interior designer. Read more… How to Pack Shoes in 4 Easy Steps Learn the best way to pack shoes without harming their shape or damaging anything else in your inventory. Read more…
Folding, rolling or packing cubes: What's the best way to pack a suitcase? Three popular clothes packing methods were put to the test to see which one uses space the most effectively, minimizes wrinkles and is worth the effort. Read more… These are the worst interior design trends of the past 50 years Toilet rugs, taxidermy and avocado bathrooms have been named the worst interior design trends of the last half of a century. But do you agree? Read more…

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