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October 17, 2017

Halloween Costume Closet - 2017 WARRIORS, It Starts with a Cape.
Undulating wind-activated art installation flies like a flock of birds Activated by the movements of the wind and the light of the shining sun, this mesmerizing public art installation in Los Angeles' Pershing Square draws our awareness to the the shifting patterns that are ever-present in nature. Read more… Wait — It's Really Important That You Wash Your Swimsuits Before You Pack Them Back Up Follow these simple steps before storing your swimsuits and they will look and feel brand new when summer rolls around again. Read more…
3 Fall Fashion Trends to Expect on Campus This Semester Here is where you can get your very own sneak peek into what to expect to see people wearing this fall. Read more… Spider silk and stem-cell leather are the future of fashion An incubator called Fashion Tech Labs is trying to break the textile pollution cycle with new tech like stem-cell leather, recycled fabrics and ultra-strong spider-silk-based fibers. Read more…
How to Fix Fabric Bleeds Fabric bleeds are one of the most common quilting “emergencies,” and they can be pretty traumatic. This article shares one quilter's experience. Read more… Everlane’s Quest To Make The World’s Most Sustainable Denim Michael Preysman, founder and CEO of Everlane, says making a pair of jeans creates massive pollution. But Everlane found a factory where denim by-product is turned into bricks and polluted water is filtered. Read more…
MOMA Exhibition Highlights Biofabrications And New Technologies As The Future Of Fashion The future will be greatly shaped by those in the fashion industry – not as designers or those close to the end of the chain, but those who are making the clothes, who are predominately women. These women are reshaping whole economies and social hierarchies, Read more… The way you carry your bag is sending secret signals Do you tuck it under your arm or sling it over your shoulder? The way you carry your bag makes a bigger statement than you might expect. Read more…
Mom Turns Husband's Old Shirts Into Adorable Dresses For Her Daughters She rediscovered her passion for art with the help of a sewing machine ? and found internet fame after turning her husband’s shirts into adorable dresses for her daughters. Read more… Make-Do, Mend, or Remake your Favorite Blue Jeans When you find that favorite fitting pair of blue jeans, you’ll mend and alter them to keep on wearing them as long as possible. That’s why Bernina gathered together our favorite denim and blue jeans tutorials in one place, so you can alter, mend, make-do, and rem Read more…


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