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March 30, 2020

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
5 EASY FIXES TO MAKE OLD CLOTHES FEEL NEW AGAIN, NO SEWING MACHINE REQUIRED Since we’re all staying at home now, what better time to give some attention to your old clothes? Adriene Booth, a sewer and crafter who upcycles thrifted blazers on her site "Maybe is Now," shares her easiest tips below. Read more… Disney princess wedding gowns are coming to a bridal boutique near you Lots of brides dream of feeling like a princess on their wedding day, and now they can be inspired by their favorite animated characters. Read more…
A jacket based on deep-sea evolution The Black Squid Jacket acts like a mirror for whatever light conditions exist. It’s dullish under subdued light, looks like liquid metal in the sun, and more colorful in the brightest light. Read more… Textiles to star at The London Art Fair Threading Forms – a new curated showcase of textile art – makes its debut at the exhibition. Read more…
Cactus Leather, Lab-Made Silk, And Vegan Wool: Inside The Fabric Fair Pioneering Greener Materials The Future Fabrics Expo is introducing designers to the very latest in sustainable materials. Read more… A Guide to Sewing Needles—Plus, How to Use Them With any job you do, it's important to understand the necessary tools, and before you start hand sewing or stitching, it's essential that you know your needles. Read more…
32 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips That All Brides-To-Be Need To Hear Here is wedding dress shopping advice for any brides-to-be. Read more… Ski jacket for smarter sweating A jacket that can eliminate sweat at the touch of a button? KJUS has introduced the 7SPHERE HYDRO_BOT, a ski jacket that incorporates HYDRO_BOT smart sweat technology, which pumps moisture away from the body and out of the jacket. Read more…
How Traditional Japanese Boro Textiles Paved the Way for Sustainable Fashion Boro is a 200-year-old handicraft and textile practice native to Japan. These garments are the embodiment of utilitarianism, minimalism, and sustainability. Read more… This Embroidery Artist Makes Incredibly Detailed Custom Pet Portraits, and You Can Order One on Etsy Prepare to be blown away by the detail of these embroidered pet portraits. Read more…

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