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February 19, 2019

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Schools in The World Students interested in going into fashion should consider these 10 fashion schools — not ranked in any meaningful way — offering degrees, certificates or courses on sustainable fashion. Read more… This new fabric will automatically cool you down when you get hot and sweaty A new fabric, developed by a team at the University of Maryland, is the first to automatically warm wearers up or cool them down as needed. Read more…
The Top 3 Spring 2019 Trends to Invest in, According to a Stylist Whether looking for fresh items to update your officewear or interesting pieces to wear on the weekend, find an assortment of examples that fit into each trend category. Read more… How to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year, Living Coral, In Your 2019 Products The easiest way to use a strong color effectively is to surround it with supporting warm neutrals. Living Coral is an excellent accent color that looks great with khaki, gold metallic, navy, white and cream. Read more…
The Differences in Sewing Thread Almost any reputable sewing machine dealer will tell you to use only high-quality thread. Why would it make a difference? Read more… 10 Minute Drawstring Bag Tutorial These bags are so much fun to stitch and you can sew them from fabric pieces of any size. Just check your stash, pair fabric rectangles and start sewing drawstring bags. Read more…
Which Wedding Dress Should You Wear Based on Your Sign? When there are endless options to pick from and so many styles, a little guidance, *wherever* it may come from can’t hurt, right? Okay, okay, we might not be astrologists or zodiac gurus…but it is kind of fun! Read more… 10 Tips For Getting Rid Of Clothes When You Find It Difficult To Let Go Of Things You can't stand the idea of getting rid of something you might one day be able to use. Another reason is nostalgia. You need a little extra help purging your items? Read more…
This Army Packing Technique Could Save You Money on Baggage Fees Learn the Ranger Roll. It’s possibly the most efficient packing method. And with less space taken up by clothing, you may need fewer bags, which could definitely help avoid checked baggage fees. Learn the Ranger Roll. Read more… Advances in smart medical textiles A series of novel developments in medical textiles see smart textiles coupled with smart design to deliver benefits to both patients and medical professionals. Read more…
Here Comes the Sun Quilt and Tutorial “Here Comes the Sun” is quick, easy, and so much fun to make! Read more… Marie Kondo's Sheet Folding Technique Is Honestly Shocking Given her penchant for folding clothes into magical little packages, we assumed Marie Kondo would have some kind of gorgeous, Origami-esque trick when it comes to taming a fitted sheet. Read more…
Barbara W Watler and the Fingerprint Collection Through her unique imagery of the natural world around her, she helps us to understand how utterly unique and diverse this world really is. Read more… Background Fabric Guide for Quilters Remember that background fabric is like choosing paint for the walls of your house. When in doubt, choose the lighter shade. Read more…
Consumers Cast Their Votes and Here is the Verdict Consumers were asked how environmental issues & politics influenced buying decisions, and which fabric properties were most important. Read more… 5 Denim Mistakes You're Probably Making Read all about the five denim mistakes you're likely making, plus easy ways to fix them. Read more…

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