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September 21, 2019

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
This AI helps you knit your own clothes Researchers at MIT are working on software that will allow anyone to customize or design their own knitwear, even if they have never picked up a ball of yarn. Read more… Baker Uses A "Thread And Needle" Technique To Recreate Stitchings On Her ‘Tapestry Cakes’ Once she debuted her “thread and needle” technique, brides starting asking her to replicate details from their wedding dresses. Read more…
Think Tank: Uphold Your ‘Eco-conscious,’ Set Up a Green Wardrobe Now The textile industry is improving its production processes and supply chain transparency, as consumers, we can also contribute in this “sustainability relay” by changing our consumption habits and stepping up to “green up” our wardrobe. Read more… Consumer Guide: What Can I Do to Make a Difference? While there is no way for us to shop our way into sustainability, we still live in a society where pretty much all of us have to wear clothing on a daily basis. So, what’s a person to do? Read more…
Nordstrom Makes Eco-conscious Moves For Millennials And Gen Z Nordstrom has become the first U.S.-based multi-line fashion retailer to offer an online shopping microsite dedicated to sustainable fashion. Read more… Rebelling Against The Fashion Industry Their sustainable knits are inspired by North aesthetics and made with natural materials. They're almost exclusively made by stay-at-home moms. Read more…
Textile Art - Traditional Textiles are Unraveled and Rewoven Berlin-based Japanese artist Aiko Tezuka carefully unravels and re-weaves elaborate textiles to form new shapes and patterns. Read more… BROWN UNIVERSITY USES GRAPHENE TO STOP MOSQUITOES Graphene can block signals mosquitoes use to identify a blood meal, potentially enabling a new chemical-free approach to mosquito bite prevention. Graphene also acts as a barrier mosquitoes cannot bite through Read more…
From planned obsolescence to circular thinking A century ago, the fashion industry aimed to produce quality goods that lasted a lifetime. For at least half a century now, the mainstream fashion industry has intentionally produced goods of poorer quality to encourage continuous consumption. Read more… Is Fashion Actually A Form Of Pollution? Nearly 60 percent of all clothing is discarded within a year of being made. Read more…

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