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July 22, 2019

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
'Dress Your Values' - Celebrity Stylist Laura Jones on Sustainable Fashion Celebrity stylist Laura Jones found herself overwhelmed when she realized the field she had dedicated her career to was damaging the environment big time: fashion. Then, she resolved to do something about it. Read more… 20 Ethical Clothing Brands that Don’t Compromise on Style You may have heard of slow food and slow travel, but have you heard of slow fashion? Basically, ethical clothing is the opposite of fast fashion, and aims to counteract manufacturing issues. Read more…
more than half of british and american consumers want a more sustainable fashion industry As brands from Wrangler to Chanel have begun investing in sustainable production, is the fashion industry finally making progress? Read more… Crocheting helps elementary pupils focus Crocheting can have a calming, meditative effect on students, and helps them — particularity students with attention issues — focus during quiet times. Read more…
WATCH: Why We Love the Idea of Turning Handwritten Family Recipes into Tea Towels Turning handwritten recipes into tea towels is pretty simple, and there are a few different ways to do it Read more… MIT TEAM FINDS SPIDER SILK'S USE IN ARTIFICIAL MUSCLES Researchers discovered spider silk experiences supercontraction, as the fibers respond to changes in moisture. Not only do the threads contract, they also twist at the same time, providing a strong torsional force. Read more…
Here’s How You Can Really Make Your Favorite Pair of Jeans Last Forever Spoiler alert: Freezing isn’t going to magically clean them, and a little soap and water definitely doesn’t hurt. Read more… Think Tank: The Blue Truth About Sustainability in Denim Christine Rucci says as the denim industry touts its sustainability, there's much more work to be done. Read more…
These Ultra-Stylish Kinetic Dress Pants Use Body Heat to Stay Wrinkle Free They're made from high-tech fabrics that are scientifically wrinkle free. Read more… MADE IN GREEN HELPING PARENTS CHOOSE SUSTAINABILITY With the "Made in Green" label, retailers and manufacturers have the opportunity to communicate on the product directly to responsibility-conscious parents that they are committed to high product safety as well as ecological and social production conditions. Read more…

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