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February 27, 2017

Emotions Trendbook from Nilit Fibers
The next frontier in medical sensing: Threads coated in nanomaterials Cotton and other conventional threads are dipped into liquids containing different nanomaterials, and rapidly dried. Depending on the properties of the nano material, the thread can be used to monitor mechanical or chemical activity. Read more… How Denim Is Made: Fabric Finishes Discover Why Almost All Denim Is ‘Finished’ and Learn What Each of the Fabric Finishes Does Read more…
The Limited Is Reportedly Closing Stores Across the Country Mall staple The Limited, which has been a reliable workwear source for decades, is closing locations across the country, Racked reports. This comes after reports that the company, founded in 1963, was getting ready to file for bankruptcy. Read more… Nanotechnology bandage speeds up healing The bandage is particularly helpful for diabetics because the dressing releases a natural chemical diabetics don't produce enough of, but is crucial for body repair. Read more…
Electric balaclava to avert chest infections in cold weather Researchers have developed a smart balaclava which warms oxygen before it’s inhaled to reduce the risk of athletes contracting chest infections in winter. Read more… Chance meeting leads to creation of antibiotic spider silk After five years' work an interdisciplinary team of scientists at The University of Nottingham has developed a technique to produce chemically functionalised spider silk that can be tailored to applications used in drug delivery, regenerative medicine and wound healing. Read more…
Sportswear is carrying the global apparel industry Sales of sportswear, which includes items such as yoga pants and activewear, outpaced all other categories for the third year in a row. Activewear has become a huge part of everyday fashion, and ha eaten into sales of regular clothes. Read more… Pantone Picks Color of the Year 2017 “Greenery,” described as a “zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring, when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew,” is Pantone’s color pick for 2017. Read more…
North Carolina State Wins Grant for Textile Weaving Innovation The Walmart Foundation and the U.S. Conference of Mayors announced NC State as one of this year’s Innovation Fund grant recipients for their innovation in improving textile weaving efficiency. The 2016 round of grants are focused on innovations in textile manufacturing processes. Read more… This Company Wants to Convert Used Clothing Into Fuel Working on a technique that extracts polyester fibers from clothing through multiple distillation and vaporization cycles. Read more…
Techtextil presents intelligent fashion at Fashiontech "Smart fashions frequently use technologies that are better known in sectors normally not associated with fashion…" Read more… One-Piece Swimsuits Are Experiencing a Huge Comeback If you've found yourself obsessing over finding the perfect one-piece swimsuit lately, you're definitely not the only one. According to online shopping search engines, searches for one pieces have jumped exponentially within the last year. Read more…


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