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May 24, 2019


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Testing for Gore-Tex® Footwear

MECHANICAL BOOT FLEX TEST - These mechanical feet flex prototype styles in water up to 200,000 times, which simulates around 250 miles of use. If the footwear leaks, the design must be modified and resubmitted for further testing.

THE COMFORT TEST - Even though our GORE-TEX® membrane is breathable, every material and component in the shoe must contribute to its climate performance for the footwear to be truly comfortable. So we test every prototype to ensure it meets minimum standards for breathability and climate comfort. We insert an artificial sweating foot into the shoe to measure the rate of moisture loss under controlled conditions.

LEAK TEST MACHINE - Before being inserted into a shoe or boot, GORE-TEX® booties are factory-tested to ensure your feet will stay dry, even if the leather or fabric upper is completely soaked.

CENTRIFUGAL TESTER - Boots filled with water are spun at high speeds. The resulting pressure forces water through any hole that will lead to leaks. These tests are performed at every Gore certified factory.

Learn to care for your Gore-Tex® Footwear.

Gore-Tex® Glove Styles Are Tested and Approved in State-of-the-Art Labs

Leak TestLeak TestWhole Glove Leak Test - A GORE-TEX® glove is sealed and submerged in a tank of water. We then pump 2 psi of pressurized air into it to reveal any leaks in its construction.

Whole Glove Breathability Test - Hot steam is pushed through a GORE-TEX® glove. By weighing the glove before and after the test, we can compare how much water it has retained and therefore how breathable it is. Always check the care information with each product for additional instructions.

Learn to care for your Gore-Tex® Gloves.


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This pack, made with 500D CORDURA® Classic fabric, is durable with some serious features. Its sleek composite MOLLE paneling provides secure attachment for pouches and gear. Skirmish features the Mil Spec Antidote® Lumbar Reservoir. The exclusive reservoir design moves the weight of the water onto the hips to ensure a comfortable/ergonomic load-carry as well as lower center of gravity. The full clamshell opening allows for easy access to the main compartment.
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Dr. Cool's Women's Studio cooling headbands provide chemical-free comfort and cooling. They are made using Coolcore's patented cooling technology, which provides three distinct functions: wicking, moisture circulation and regulated evaporation. The result is a stylish accessory piece that can go from "work out" to "out and about" with ease. Colors: Blue, Curaco, Fuscia, and Watercolor.
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