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September 21, 2019

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
Is Fashion Actually A Form Of Pollution? Nearly 60 percent of all clothing is discarded within a year of being made. Read more… Stella McCartney and Adidas unveil sustainable sportswear made from liquified old cotton Made from liquified old cotton, the collection includes a biodegradable dress and the world’s first fully recyclable hoodie. Read more…
Nordstrom Makes Eco-conscious Moves For Millennials And Gen Z Nordstrom has become the first U.S.-based multi-line fashion retailer to offer an online shopping microsite dedicated to sustainable fashion. Read more… Spotlight On: Textile Art Though textile wall hangings were first made popular in dorm rooms, recent iterations are decidedly sophisticated. Take a look at some of the many ways designers have integrated textile art in a room. Read more…
The real price of buying cheap clothes Globalization means things can be produced in far-off lands at low cost, meaning more choice and lower prices. But what of the environmental cost of our shopping habits? The relationship between shopper and fashion industry may have become dysfunctional. Read more… Rebelling Against The Fashion Industry Their sustainable knits are inspired by North aesthetics and made with natural materials. They're almost exclusively made by stay-at-home moms. Read more…
How you can help make sustainable fashion more affordable When it comes to sustainable fashion, quality is key. For this reason, sustainable clothing is often more expensive to create, and therefore to buy, which can put some people off. A change in the industry starts at the customer. Read more… The clothes “we don’t need” The fashion and textile industries need to drastically change the predominant business model of “take, make, dispose”. Read more…
Baker Uses A "Thread And Needle" Technique To Recreate Stitchings On Her ‘Tapestry Cakes’ Once she debuted her “thread and needle” technique, brides starting asking her to replicate details from their wedding dresses. Read more… Scrap Art: Patchwork Linens from Copenhagen Using an antique Singer sewing machine and a needle and thread, an artist stitches together cast-offs & fashion remnants into beguiling window panels, placemats, and pillows. She says, “I have a deep appreciation and interest in the abandoned.” Read more…

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