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April 26, 2019

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
How sewing improved my mental health — and restored my professional ambitions Although I grew up wearing clothes that my mom and aunts sewed, it took the online sewing community to open the horizon of what I could accomplish. Read more… Fabric both insulates and ventilates Univ. of Maryland - The new fabric alternates between insulating and providing ventilation by responding to the wearer’s perspiration. Read more…
Polartec Makes A Clear Commitment To 100% Recycled Materials And Biodegradability The initiative is in line with what promises to be a ‘triple bottom line’ standard for the textile industry - fully recycled inputs, fully recyclable fabrics and complete biodegradability. Read more… MIT TEAM FINDS SPIDER SILK'S USE IN ARTIFICIAL MUSCLES Researchers discovered spider silk experiences supercontraction, as the fibers respond to changes in moisture. Not only do the threads contract, they also twist at the same time, providing a strong torsional force. Read more…
Spider Silk Could Be Used to Make Artificial Muscles Spider Silk may be turned into artificial muscles or robotic actuators, thanks to a team of MIT engineers. Read more… Advances in smart medical textiles A series of novel developments in medical textiles see smart textiles coupled with smart design to deliver benefits to both patients and medical professionals. Read more…
This tech can make fabric from old clothing, agricultural waste–and even trees Spinnova’s technology for creating fiber from cellulose is a 2019 World Changing Ideas Award Winner. It could stop the bad environmental effects of cotton production. Read more… Five Reasons Every Child Should Learn How to Sew Learning how to sew is a valuable skill. While we don't see many home economics classes in schools anymore, the sewing arts are making a comeback. Read more…
How to Make a Pillow Out of a Shirt This is a great way to upcycle an old shirt and make it into something new. And since you only need part of the shirt, you can use the rest of the fabric for other small sewing projects. Read more… Art to Dye For: How the Knitting Community Is Weaving Art into Their Craft These yarn companies are bringing the palettes of art-historical heavyweights to knitting enthusiasts around the world. Read more…

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