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February 19, 2019

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
How to Frame a Piece of Fabric on Canvas You can use a favorite piece of fabric or a pattern that caught your eye at the fabric store. This is an easy project that takes less than an hour to complete. Read more… The one thing you should never do to your towels Have you ever had towels that feel waxy, greasy, and just spreads the water around instead of being plush and absorbent? If so, don't toss the towel: your laundry routine might have to change. Read more…
Watch The Bulletproof Suit Watch a test of a lightweight garment that not only looks professional, but can also act as reliable body armor. Read more… How to knit a chunky blanket in three hours Literally all you need is some super thick wool and your arms. Intrigued? Just follow these 10 simple(ish) steps to master the art of arm knitting... Read more…
Knit Ribbing Characteristics and Tips Personal preference plays a big role in what ribbing you choose for your project, but there are some other considerations. Read more… Consumers Cast Their Votes and Here is the Verdict Consumers were asked how environmental issues & politics influenced buying decisions, and which fabric properties were most important. Read more…
Sewing with Selvages Tutorial Learn the basics of stitching with those treasured little selvages that we trim from the edges of the fabric and then save and save. Read more… Future fit: 3 ways fashion can be more sustainable The $2.5 trillion fashion industry supports more than 60 million workers throughout the value chain, and is a significant engine for global development. Read about 3 ways fashion houses can be more sustainable. Read more…
Textile Art is on the Rise Among Designers & Collectors Textiles don’t immediately come to mind when thinking about art. But as observers of the creative worlds have noticed, the much heralded crossover between design, craft, and art has upended traditional categories. Read more… Can You Bring Knitting Needles (and Other Craft Tools) on an Airplane? We consulted the TSA guidelines on what you can (and can't) pack for a long flight. Read more…
KATHLEEN BAKER SHARES HER THOUGHTS ON THE NEW SPEEDO FASTSKIN (VIDEO) Developed from a deeper understanding of hydrodynamics and the biomechanics of swimming the LZR Pure Intent is Speedo’s smartest suit to date. Read more… Sewing hair scrunchies raises money for drought-affected communities After a sewing lesson or two from her grandmother, 12-year-old Alice sewed scrunchies and raised more than $1,500 from 300 scrunchies and had another $1,000 matched by a local business. Read more…
Knitting 101: Learn How to Knit This guide to the basics and beyond has everything you need to get started, whether you've never picked up needles before or just need a refresher. Read more… This new fabric will automatically cool you down when you get hot and sweaty A new fabric, developed by a team at the University of Maryland, is the first to automatically warm wearers up or cool them down as needed. Read more…
The Top 3 Spring 2019 Trends to Invest in, According to a Stylist Whether looking for fresh items to update your officewear or interesting pieces to wear on the weekend, find an assortment of examples that fit into each trend category. Read more… Barbara W Watler and the Fingerprint Collection Through her unique imagery of the natural world around her, she helps us to understand how utterly unique and diverse this world really is. Read more…

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