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March 30, 2020

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
Patagonia to Consumers: Repair and Recycle Your Garments Patagonia created repair guides on the web site iFixit to help its customers learn about the art of repairing clothes. In addition, Patagonia also promotes repairing its products through its Worn Wear program. Read more… A Guide to Sewing Needles—Plus, How to Use Them With any job you do, it's important to understand the necessary tools, and before you start hand sewing or stitching, it's essential that you know your needles. Read more…
32 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips That All Brides-To-Be Need To Hear Here is wedding dress shopping advice for any brides-to-be. Read more… WONDER WHAT TO DO WITH OLD T-SHIRTS? HERE ARE 15 THINGS BEYOND TURNING THEM INTO RAGS Instead of tossing your ratty old T-shirt into the trash, there are plenty of other—far more sustainable—things you can do with it, including upcycling. Read more…
Five Things Retailers And Brands Need To Know About Sustainability It’s the word you hear every day when you shop: Sustainability. But what does it mean and what should companies be doing about it? Read more… Gore’s Flagship Pro Fabric Technology Gets Trifold Advancement The biggest names in outdoor waterproofing performance gear rely on technology from W.L. Gore & Associates, the Gore-Tex Pro, which just took a tri-fold step forward. Read more…
A jacket based on deep-sea evolution The Black Squid Jacket acts like a mirror for whatever light conditions exist. It’s dullish under subdued light, looks like liquid metal in the sun, and more colorful in the brightest light. Read more… Cracking the Code on Mixing and Matching Patterns for Home Decorating Overdo it, and prints can overpower a space; underplay it, and they run the risk of looking out of place. But if your home is missing a hit of bold color. Here are a few ground rules. Read more…
How your clothes become microfibre pollution in the sea From the polar ice cap to the Mariana Trench 10 kilometres below the waves, synthetic microfibres from household washing machines are polluting oceans. Read more… Protect your gear for life with the Khyte messenger bag A laptop, a smartphone, important papers - Keeping those goods protected and secure in all weather conditions is now one less thing to worry about thanks to the folks at Mission Workshop. Read more…

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