Be a Smart Shopper. Recognize Quality,  Value & How to Take Care of your Clothes.
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Recognize Quality, Value & How to Take Care of your Clothes.

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Want to resell your clothes? Or looking to spruce up your closet? Here are some websites to do it. Reselling and buying used clothes is good for your wallet and the environment. Read more…
Cotton Inc.’s ‘Every Piece Pledge’ Aims to Reduce Textile Waste Some 4.2 million pieces of denim have been collected for Cotton Incorporated's recycling scheme over the years. Read more…
A Vibrant Coral Ecosystem of Thousands of Crocheted Sculptures Confronts the Climate Crisis Visit the Crochet Coral Reef site for more information on getting involved in the project and for chances to see the textile organisms in person. You also might enjoy Mulyana’s yarn ecosystems. (via artnet) Read more…
10 Ways To Incorporate Textile Art In Your Home Read More: Textile art uses a variety of materials with the intention of creating artistic items. It can be styled in your home in many different forms. Read more…
FUTURISTIC FOOTWEAR THAT ARE THE ULTIMATE CULMINATION OF FASHION AND ERGONOMICS Shoes started off as functional designs meant to protect our feet, however with time they’ve now turned into style statements, a representation of our personality and our personal fashion sense. Read more…
Giant Weavings Are a Mesmerizing Combination of Rainbow Hues and Touchable Textures Artist Judit Just transforms ropes, cotton, and tufts of yarn into colorful textiles that electrify your wall. Her fiber art pieces are an enticing combination of vibrant hues and mesmerizing textures. Read more…
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