All Knit Fabrics are Not The Same. There are more than two dozen types of knit fabrics, with many different uses.
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'A special kind of magic:' Kentucky's unique barn quilt trails tell stories of communities Barn quilts are an artistic tradition for many in the commonwealth and can be as varied in color, pattern and symbolism as the families they represent. Read more…
US' Burlington showcases bio-based fabric with stretch yarn tech Synatural is a unique fabric collection that features planet-positive yarn technology with natural fibre-like aesthetics, engineered for adaptable fabric solutions with lasting comfort and multifunctional performance. Read more…
What are grommet curtains – and the reasons to fall for them Want to give your window treatment a contemporary look? Then grommet curtains are worth your attention. Read more…
Canada's Kapsul Tech unveils shirt with protective collar for athletes Athletes experience repetitive G forces that can cause force and fatigue damage to the muscles and tissues of the neck. Kapsul Atlas can also reduce muscle fatigue and fatigue-related injuries. Read more…
US' Standard Fiber & Noble Biomaterials develop anti-microbial fabric Ionic+ mineral antimicrobial protects against the growth of microbes on soft surface materials. Applications include mattress textiles, pads, toppers, and encasements, basic bedding and towels for consumer and institutional markets,& DTC furniture brands. Read more…
African American Quilts Like singing, quilting is often a communal activity. Quilters gather to cut, piece, and stitch layers of fabric together, whether making “plain” quilts for warmth or “fancy” quilts for display. Read more…
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